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Connected Game - 2847


My experience investigating people on the Internet.

Hi guys, this last class we have been doing a really enjoyable activity. Consist of investigating other classmates, you really feel like a detective. My partner Mónica S. and I were investigating the Internet life of María G. and Paula V.
We found more than we expected, so you have to be careful of what you write and post on Internet, because they can figure out where you live, your favorite places where you go with your friends, and the ubications of were you where the last summer, or the last Monday.
I wish that with this advised you are going to be careful with the Internet.

Now I am going to explain my experience doing this activity.
1. We found some information about the girls we investigate.
    María G. : She has two brothers older than her.
                        She has a dog called Flippy and she has been with her 8 years.
                        She goes in summer to Benidorm with her family.
                        She went to a primary school called Antonio Machado.
    Paula V. : Is from Real Madrid.
                       She is in favor of homosexuality.
                       She is 1,61-1,69 meters high.
                       She go to Parla at the weekends.
                       She wants to go to a concert in May.
                       She likes and wants to travel.
                       She appeared on TV when she was young. In Disney Channel in a add
                       about the start of the summer.

2. Another thing that we do was to see what google shows about me. Was a bit creepy thug, knowing that strangers are seeing things about me:
  - They can know my Instagram account.
  - My followers on Instagram (friends).
  - Also they can know where I live.
  - And my friends accounts.

3. Also we saw what Google knows about me:
  - It knows all my Internet history.
  -  All the places where I connected to Internet.
  - It knows that i am a woman.

4. We saw also what Google shows about us:
  - It can show my name and my surename.
  - Shows all the photos that I posted on the Internet.
  - Also the videos I posted.

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